Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Review: Elie Saab

Elie Saab has once again delivered a stunningly gorgeous Haute Couture collection that made me think the designer was already looking ahead to the Oscars.  I would be absolutely shocked if we didn’t see at least one of the gowns on the upcoming red carpet events.  The gowns were pretty and glamorous, and all seemed to exude lightness and airy delight, even when it came to the heavy prints.  I adore Elie Saab and this collection was no exception.  In fact, it made it difficult for me to pick only a few favourites, but can you blame me?  Have you seen the line?  Seriously if you haven’t, you will understand what I’m trying to say once you have.  Each dress is more beautiful than the last!

I absolutely love the detailing on this gown.  I especially like the way the beading and detailing around the bottom gives such a heavy appearance to the bottom of the skirt, which contrasts with the lightness of the fabric and the rest of the gown.

I know this gown is simple and may be a little standard, but I really love it’s elegant simplicity.  I think that the cool colour and stunning silhouette really lift the dress and make it as complex and dimensional as the rest of the collection.  I like the draping and the unique design on the bodice as well, since I think it adds the extra oomph to the gown.Elie-Saab-Haute-Couture-Spring-2014

This dress is like a water colour painting in my opinion.  The gown is so smooth, liquid and light, even with the dark colours.  I also really love the light flowing fabric of the skirt and the sleeves.  I think the sleeves really make it different, because instead of the usual strapless gown, the sleeves add dimension and make it different from the others.  And as well know, these collections are all about being beautiful and different.Saab4This gown is absolutely stunning and despite having such a large skirt, the gown seems fresh and airy.  I also love the print on the fabric because it reminds me of an artist’s paint palette; and isn’t that what fashion is? Art?  In my opinion that’s what fashion is, art.  So when I look at this gown and see a paint palette thick with oil paint, mixed with colour, I can’t help but love it.

Hope you enjoyed today’s collections as much as I did, especially the always amazing Elie Saab.




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