De retour..

Hello all!
Well I’ve been gone for about a year now. I unexpectedly decided to take the time away from my new blog because I felt I just wasn’t able to continue regularly posting new things. Alas, I am often uninspired! However, I’ve come back with a new credo: Post when I have something worth posting. This blog isn’t my life, and so I’ve decided I’m going to try and post something at least once a week, just to keep this thing going. I wish I was as dedicated to make this blog a daily kind of thing, but unfortunately I have other things to do in my life. For example, I’m going to be starting university in a couple weeks! Yes, darlings, I got into Ryerson! I even finished that coat that I designed! I’ll have to upload a picture sometime soon when I get the chance! I’m getting a new dress form soon so maybe that will be the first garment I put on it!

I hope there’s still some lovely people out there who like to look at what I post, and if there are then you’re in luck because I’ve been busy as a bee lately. While I’ve been procrastinating my packing for university, I’ve been sewing quite a bit as well as a lot over the past year! I have several new garments to show you and tell you how I did them!

Stay tuned.