Lanvin at Paris Fashion Week 2014

So I completely forgot to mention the Lanvin show yesterday!  I was definitely liking how it was such a textured show.  I mean there was a huge array of different textiles and uses of them.  One of my favourite dresses this a dark little number:

Lanvin-9559414I loved the length of this dress and I love the movement of the fabric.  I know it’s pretty understated but I feel like it’s still pretty fierce.  I think it’s the fabric and the way it’s kind of metallic so when it moves it seems to give the dress so much dimension and movement.  I just love the way the light hits it and completely changes the feel of the dress.

So anyway, hope everyone was excited about the shows today!  I know I was and I cannot wait to share my favourite moments of the day!





Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Nina Ricci

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the Nina Ricci show.  I absolutely loved the softness and ladylike feeling brought to the fall collection.  There was definitely lots of furs present and a nice mix of softness with the sophisticated appeal of suits.  I’m not sure how I feel about the evening looks.  I liked the chiffon sleeves, the drop waist brocade dresses, but I was a little disappointed with the sheer embellished gowns.  Maybe, I’m a little conservative and I found they were a bit too sheer, or maybe I felt like with sheer gowns, the embellishments should be tastefully placed to give it a sexy yet mysterious look.  But hey, I’m no designer, that’s just my personal opinion.

Nina-Ricci-Fall-2014-1I really and truly believe that the right coat can make any outfit look put together, and this Nina Ricci dress and coat are the perfect example.  I mean yes, the dress on its own is gorgeous, but the long almost shapeless (but in a good way) coat really ties the whole look together.  I also love the shiny fabric and the drop waist of the dress.

Nina-Ricci-Fall-2014I adore the silhouette, the fabric, the colours everything about this dress.  Seriously, I need it in my closet ASAP!! Pretty please?  It’s honestly so pretty, and that’s pretty much the only reason I like it.  Can’t a girl just like something because it’s pretty?

It’s been a busy busy day, not only for me, but in Paris as well!  Hope everyone is enjoying the shows as much as I am!  Please, I would love to hear some opinions on it, I feel like I’m just blabbering on to myself.  Oh wait..that’s exactly what I’m doing.  Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow’s shows, mes chéries!




Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Vionnet

I really liked the Vionnet show.  I loved that there were the same main colours the whole time, grey, white, green, navy blue, I mean they looked amazing together.  I seriously felt like it was springtime while watching the collection go down the runway.  What really made it a fall show though, was the fabrics and the garments themselves of course.  There was definitely much heavier fabric used in the lighter colours, like my favourite dress from the show.  But the show was still somehow light and airy at the same time.  I definitely fell in love with it.

Runway at the Vionnet Fall 2014 show

Runway at the Vionnet Fall 2014 show


My aforementioned favourite dress

I absolutely adored this dress the second I laid eyes on it.  Maybe it’s the way those colours just compliment each other perfectly, or maybe it’s the subtle floral motif that was apparent during the entire collection, or perhaps it was the use of such thick fabric that gave it the stiff look and movement, but also a sort of warmth that makes you realize it is a fall dress.  Whatever it is, I absolutely love it and it was by far my favourite look from the entire collection, over all the other gowns and breezy dresses, even those gorgeous pinstripe looks.

Anyway, I found the collection was very structured and all in all, absolutely stunning.  I truly enjoyed it and I hope everyone else did as well!  I would love to hear your opinions on Paris Fashion Week so far!



PS These photos come from


Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Alexis Mabille

My first review of Paris Fashion Week, eek!  Yes I am excited!  We’ve finally made it to my favourite city!  Anyway, I’m gonna say that Alexis Mabille was my favourite show today.  It was the perfect mix between comfort and elegance, you know, for those women who are always going going going, or in his words, a woman who is “always on the move”.  Personally, I loved the use of the plaid print, especially the way he used it with flouncy skirts, floor length skirts, and even little dresses.  I also noticed that a lot of the looks had a cinched waist with a bow or a belt of sort, which I absolutely loved.  It really made it look casual yet elegant.

I coud hardly choose my favourite looks from the show but I finally managed to narrow down the list.  I haven’t included any of the plaid looks just because I loved them all so much, so I can content myself with just pointing out how wonderfully the designer used the print.

alexis-mabille-003I absolutely love the tailored fit of this coat.  I’ll admit, this was the look I was going for when I made my own coat for my portfolio.  It sure was difficult and I never did get it right.  I still have to work on that… But anyway, back to the point, I love how sophisticated and classy this coat is.  Plus it isn’t your usual cookie cutter silhouette, because of the asymmetric hemline as well as the odd number of buttons.  I think it really makes it unique and different, and I sure like things that stand out in a nice way.

alexis-mabille-017I honestly just love how cute this dress is.  My favourite part is the bow at the waist and the sheer short sleeves.  I’ve seen a lot of sheer long sleeves, so this is cute and refreshing.  I also love how flowing the fabric is.  The whole thing is just rippling even if it is short.  I can definitely see how this could work as a daytime dress in a more casual way, that becomes an evening look with the right accessories at the end of the day.

Seriously hoping everyone else is adoring Paris Fashion Week as much as I am!  Seriously, it’s Paris, darlings, how can you not love it??  Please check out the rest of the collection and I would love to hear your opinions on the show as well!



PS Again, all my photos come from newspapers, and magazines, mostly WWD and Time.  If they ever come from elsewhere, I will say so.

Au Revoir Milan, Bonjour Paris!

Yes, Milan Fashion Week is done and over with and Paris Fashion Week, the one I’ve been waiting for, started today!  As always, I want to comment on some of my favourite and not so favourite shows from the coming week of fashion galore.  I’m extremely excited about this because Paris is my favourite fashion week of them all!  Anyway, I encourage all of you fashionistas out there to watch the shows and write down your own opinions about them!  I find it’s such a great way to keep track of what’s going on, and to watch for possible trends in the upcoming seasons!

And in honour of Paris Fashion Week, I give you one of my favourite shots of the Eifffel Tower that I took when I was there during Fashion Week a couple years ago.


Photo I took a couple years ago

Seriously guys, I love Paris.  Maybe now you’ll believe me more when I say it.



Milan Fashion Week 2014 Review: Dolce&Gabbana

Salut! So I know this show was on Sunday, but I decided to take the day off and celebrate Canada’s gold medal win in men’s ice hockey and the end of the Olympics, so I apologize for the delay!

Anyway, I know in the past I’ve talked about how much I like or dislike certain shows or even that I don’t know what I feel about the collection.  However, I don’t think I liked the entire collection from Dolce&Gabbana, but instead, I just liked a couple pieces from the whole show.  There were lots of bold prints; and bright and dark colours in the show.  Everything was very fantastical, in my opinion.


What I like most about this piece is pretty much the print, the fabric and the bright colours.  To be honest, I would love a dress in this fabric for this year, spring and fall.  The print is so versatile, that it could be worn in the warmer or colder seasons.  I also love how billowy the fabric is, there’s just so much movement to the gown.Untitled 2I love this little number so much.  It’s so clean and fierce and sleek.  All the lines and the silhouette of the dress give off a very posh impression.  I know I can definitely see myself wearing this in the coming winter season.  I also love, the subtle print and the dark monotone colours, because it gives a very fierce look to the dress.  Plus those boots just really make the whole look.

Again, I apologize for the lateness of this, but I don’t regret it.  Hope y’all enjoyed Dolce&Gabbana, or at least you liked some of the pieces you saw!




Milan Fashion Week Review: Roberto Cavalli

Hello ! Is it just me or is Milan Fashion Week picking up a little bit?  Because first Versace blew me away and now Roberto Cavalli has done the same.  That’s two shows in two days that I’ve really enjoyed.  I hope the rest of the shows are just as wonderful. Crossing my fingers!

Anyway, I loved how impeccably crafted the clothes were.  I mean just look at the tailoring!  Not to mention the fur that was present in almost every look.  It made everything seem so rich and warm!  Even the little sleeveless dresses seemed warm with the fur around the neck and shoulders.  But the fur wasn’t the only textile that I loved; the gowns included detailed beading and gorgeous prints, including flames and Cavalli’s signature print and beading was seen on many of the suits.  All in all, the collection was lavishly beautiful.cav_fw14_004_2831187a

I love each piece in this look separately as much as I love them paired together.  I like how the top is printed as well as the coat, and it still looks amazing together, probably because the prints are similar and the colour scheme is the same.  But I’ll just say I love the slim grey trousers, because they’re obviously very classic and feminine and really lengthen the leg.  Seriously, those legs look they go on forever!  But then again, she probably actually does have legs that go on for miles..  But anyway, l adore the length of the coat as well as how awesome it looks just casually open like that.  She looks like she’s about to go strolling through the city to work.  If I’m being honest, I fell in love with most of the coats in the collection.cav_fw14_034_2831200aHow awesome is this look?  I love it, the leather jacket with the fur neckline, the slimming pants, everything!  The trousers, loose top and the statement necklace make it look very sophisticated and professional, but paired with the jacket and that gorgeous fringed bag, it seems way more fierce than it was without.  I’m thinking I need that jacket to toughen up my wardrobe a little bit!

Hope everyone else enjoyed Roberto Cavalli’s show as much as I.  Also, I would love to congratulate the veteran designer for being 73 and still as talented and amazing as ever!  He might have needed to take his bow with aid of a crutch, but he doesn’t need anyone when it comes to creating such amazing clothes.