Leather Purse

Hello!  My mom recently gave me this old outdated leather coat of hers and seeing as I couldn’t do anything with it I decided to cut it up and use the leather pieces to make something else.  Let me just say it took forever ripping all those seams apart.  But after finally getting past this stage the rest of the process went pretty smoothly.  I just traced my pattern with some white chalk, cut out my pieces and tied them together using the long strips of leather that make up the fringe.  The strap is braided and sewed along the crease under the flap.  The only problem I’ve encountered was that I didn’t have any pieces long enough to cut into strips for the strap so I had to keep braiding in extra pieces until I got my desired length.  Also I didn’t take into account the half inch or so that I used to tie the two pieces together so my bag did turn out a tad smaller than expected.  No biggie though!  I still find it very cute and the flaws make it all the more unique 🙂

Well until next time!