University Life

Well hello dolls,

I’ve finally started the university life at my dream school, Ryerson University! It’s definitely more than I expected in every way possible. I’m loving every second of it. My new roomies are absolutely fantastic and even better, we are four fashion girls living together. Definitely the place I want to be! Classes started last week and I have to say that I am going to be learning A LOT this year. It’s definitely not going to be easy, but I mean, what better way to prep us for the fashion industry? Obviously that won’t be easy either. I really haven’t had time to make anything since I got here since I’ve just been so crazy busy with everything going on, and I had to leave my trusty sewing machine back home. Sad face. Yes, I definitely miss being able to just sew all day on my back porch in the sunlight. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the big city, but there are definitely some things I miss about back home. Number one, my sewing machine!
But not to worry, I’ll be starting the Big Shirt project for my Fashion Design class soon and I’m sure that will give me quite enough sewing time.
I’m thinking I’ll most likely be posting a lot about my classes and Ryerson life, so for all you ladies and gentlemen out there thinking of applying to Fashion at Ryerson, stay tuned because this will definitely give you a look into what the program is like!
But not to worry, my darlings, I will still find time to post my own sewing projects when I can!




De retour..

Hello all!
Well I’ve been gone for about a year now. I unexpectedly decided to take the time away from my new blog because I felt I just wasn’t able to continue regularly posting new things. Alas, I am often uninspired! However, I’ve come back with a new credo: Post when I have something worth posting. This blog isn’t my life, and so I’ve decided I’m going to try and post something at least once a week, just to keep this thing going. I wish I was as dedicated to make this blog a daily kind of thing, but unfortunately I have other things to do in my life. For example, I’m going to be starting university in a couple weeks! Yes, darlings, I got into Ryerson! I even finished that coat that I designed! I’ll have to upload a picture sometime soon when I get the chance! I’m getting a new dress form soon so maybe that will be the first garment I put on it!

I hope there’s still some lovely people out there who like to look at what I post, and if there are then you’re in luck because I’ve been busy as a bee lately. While I’ve been procrastinating my packing for university, I’ve been sewing quite a bit as well as a lot over the past year! I have several new garments to show you and tell you how I did them!

Stay tuned.