Design Layout #2

Salut les chéries!  How are you all tonight?  I am currently cramming for midterms as I have my pattern drafting test tomorrow and a fashion midterm on Tuesday.  You could say I’m pretty swamped at the moment, especially since I also have a ton of projects due this week!  But then it’s homeward bound on Thursday for Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Anyway, I was very productive today and I finished my design layout for this week.  This week’s theme was Hierarchy, Balance & Proportion.  I must say, I’m pretty proud of this layout in particular because I did it on Photoshop!  Go me!

Here it is:



Design Layout 2.2

It definitely turned out nicer than I thought it would, but I have to say I prefer collaging over Photoshopping.  We have to do a layout every two weeks, so I’ll be starting the next one pretty soon and I’ll show you all when it’s done!

Anyway, I really must get back to manipulating pattern pieces and memorizing measurements!

Goodnight lovelies!






Design Layout #1

Good evening darlings,

As I sit here in the sewing lab, I’ve decided I have the time to show you all my first design layout I created for my Fundamentals of Colour and Design class.  We had to create a design layout either on Photoshop or collaging using magazine images.  I decided to do collage style, because I personally love that kind of thing, it’s so soothing.  Yes, a bit weird, I know.  Anyway, the layout had to convey space, point, shape and line; and it had to include a paragraph about those elements.  I know the picture quality is terrible, and I apologize.  I hope you still get the idea of what the layout is showing.

Eryn Lalonde Design Layout #1

Yes, so I meant to post this for y’all ages ago but I just haven’t found the time.  Between getting projects finished, writing papers, doing readings and studying for midterms, I am completely swamped.  It is crazy work hours and even more hours of procrastination.  But I think in the end, all of this will be worth it, because next year I’ll be doing more of what I want to be doing, like the business aspect of fashion and less of the artsy side.

Anyway dollies, have a good night and I hope to show more of my work soon!  I’m almost finished my Big Shirt so I’ll be able to show you pictures of that soon!