Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Valentino

I’ve always said fashion is art, and apparently the Valentino creative directors agree with me!  The genius artists created true works of art for their autumn/winter collection and the show was absolutely amazing.  It blew me away, and I couldn’t stop watching!  I loved the combination of clean, neat lines and defined shapes; and loose, flowing lines as well as the glittering butterfly detailing; and bold, bright, not to be unnoticed floral prints.  In fact, all the detailing and textiles could hardly go unnoticed, they were just so beautiful.  The show certainly evoked many things, but I got several different feelings from it, from retro, vintage; to romantic fairytale; and absolutely all of it was an artistic piece.  I also adored the mix of dark, mysterious colours with the bright hues.

I honestly cannot pick my favourite evening gown, I absolutely adored all of them, save a few.  I loved the floating tulle fabric, the embroidery, the detailing, the lace, it was just so romantic.  Especially, that green one with the red roses; it specifically made me think of one of my all-time favourite fairytales: Beauty and the Beast.

I also adored the short little dresses with the long sleeves, especially the heavy satin ones with the stunning floral prints.  However, I did notice, that the silhouette was very similar to a Nina Ricci dress, we saw previously.


One of the short little dresses, I liked, but with short sleeves instead of long.  I really, like how the fabric is not only a very busy print, but the collar is also very detailed as well.  Somehow, even with both going on, it blends together very well.Valentino-Fall-2014-2

The reason, I love this look so much, is because of that big cozy knit sweater.  It’s always so cold in my school, so I can definitely see myself all wrapped up in this comfortable looking knit, keeping myself warm.  It’s perfect for those crisp fall days and cold winter nights.Valentino-Fall-2014


This look is one of my favourites, and it was one of the first looks to come down the runway.  As soon as I saw it, I absolutely fell in love with it’s crisp lines, and neat, clean feel.  The prim white top, and crisp collar, with the voluminous colour blocked skirt, was just perfect together.  I love how flouncy the skirt is, and I also love that instead of a printed top, it’s paired with such a simple shirt, because that way, the skirt gets all the attention.

I absolutely loved the Valentino show, and it was probably one of my favourites all week!  When I watched this show, I felt like I was trying to decipher the story within.  I really hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did and if so, or even if you didn’t, I would love to hear some opinions!




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