Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Alexander McQueen

Finally, the Alexander McQueen collection!  This is literally my favourite fashion house of all time!  I loved the collection today, it blew me away.  All of the Alexander McQueen shows seem so otherworldly, and this one was no different.  Guests were transported to a mysterious place with fluffy moss and creeping fog, where models with feathery lashes and combat boots ruled.  The tough, medieval theme was apparent through the accessories, prints, and silhouettes.  Everything was dramatic and mysterious.


The amazing runway for the Alexander McQueen show


This dress is absolutely stunning, so textured and dimensional, much like the rest of the collection.  The thick ruffled skirt, with those many, many layers is absolutely stunning.  The amount of volume and texture all condensed in that one area gives such architectural, and sculpted appearance.  Paired with that floral top, it’s a very textured and beautifully unique piece.


This was definitely my favourite gown of the entire collection, and I can definitely see it on the red carpet.  The large, texture lace skirt is so dramatic and the semi transparent fabric gives off an illusion of mystery and grandeur.  I also love the feather motif that was very prominent throughout the collection, it really gives a refreshing texture after so much fur in the past few weeks.  But I also love the embellished bodice and the wide neckline.  It’s definitely revealing, but covers in all the right places.  The minimal detailing balances perfectly with the extremely luxurious skirt.


The side view of the above gown.  I love the metal glove as an accessory, because it really brings out the medieval feel and definitely shows that the Alexander McQueen woman is tough and powerful.  But it’s also delicately beautiful at the same time.


The whole look is very heavy and rich due to the thick fur and feathered textiles.  It’s definitely very warm and a lot to take in.  The large proportions of the head and shoulders, and the hips is perfectly balanced by the look of a narrowed waist, thanks to the use of a different fabric.  This fabric, however, blends in perfectly, and doesn’t take away from the real drama of the look, which is in the fur and feathers.

Sarah Burton is absolutely fabulous and she did an amazing job with this collection.  It’s all we could ever hope for in an Alexander McQueen show.  I’ve been counting down the days to this show and I loved every second of it.  I seriously hope everyone else did as well, but if not, oh well.  To each his own.  Paris Fashion Week is nearly over, tomorrow is the last day, unfortunately.  So I will see everyone tomorrow with the last of the shows!  It’s going to be a big, big day!





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