Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Saint Laurent



As much as I love the glamorous, the glitzy, the sophisticated and the luxurious looks, I do love a prim and preppy collection as well.  The perfect example of this is the Saint Laurent collection.  It was still beautiful and sophisticated but in a more preppy way.  I loved the use of plaids and monotone colour palette with the use of sparkle and expert tailoring.

My favourite thing about this look is the muted, yet sparkling tunic.  Despite that it’s a darker more rustic colour, the sparkles make it really stand out among the rest of the textiles used in the show.  I also love the silhouette and the neckline, it just seems so loose but crisp at the same time, in my opinion.9573682

I like the slouchy tailored jacket paired with the loose fitting glitzy top.  Everything about it says a different take on the classic prim and proper suit jackets.  It gives it a completely different feel when these two very different tops are paired together.

I hope everyone liked the refreshing Saint Laurent runway show as much as I did!  I would honestly just love to hear some different opinions and varying perspectives on the show!

Until tomorrow chéries!  (Alexander McQueen show tomorrow, eek!)





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