Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014 Review: John Galliano

Hello all!  Okay, I’m saying this right now, I absolutely loved loved loved the John Galliano collection.  Bill Gaytten has delivered an impressive show this season.  The entire collection was very mature and sophisticated, but still fun and glamorous.  There was lots of different textiles as well as a recurring theme of squares.  They were laser cut on the jackets, dresses and tops and part of the detailing.  The textiles included shimmering metallics, fur trim and bold printed silks.  There were many statement accessories to complete the looks, including slouchy gloves, fantastical hats and chunky belts, which I absolutely loved, by the way.  The belts were to die for, I’ll admit.

So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to choose just a couple of my favourite looks!  But then I thought, why should I have to choose?  And I managed to narrow it down to four.  After all, we don’t want to be here all day!  Nobody cares about my opinion that much!   I know it’s a pretty high number, but hey, I’ve done that many in the past.

So without further ramblings here they are:


I love the sophisticated look of this jacket.  Everything about it is so posh, I mean the fitted silhouette, the clean lines, the metallic accents.  I just love the feel of it.  John-Galliano-Fall-2014-2

I love how elegant and glamorous this gown is.  I wish I could see it on the red carpet tonight!  The square theme is very apparent in this gown and really makes the gown so much more dimensional, instead of flat and bland.  It keeps the fabric from looking too washed out.John-Galliano-Fall-2014-Runway-Show-Paris-Fashion-Week

This is like The Party Dress.  It’s so fun thanks to the heavy metallic fabric.  Not to mention, those colours are just gorgeous, especially paired together on such a fabric.  This fit and flare dress also looks amazing with the slouchy glove accessories and matching chunky belt.John-Galliano-Fall-2014I love the dark water colour print on this flowing airy fabric.  Everything about this is light but dark at the same time.  I especially love how those elements make it a perfect dress for fall, but also the silhouette and neckline cover all the right amount of skin for autumn.

I loved the John Galliano collection and I hope everyone is having an amazing day, I mean a great day of shows in Paris, and amazing fashions on the red carpet tonight during the Oscars.  I’d love to hear your opinions on the shows as well!





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