Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Vionnet

I really liked the Vionnet show.  I loved that there were the same main colours the whole time, grey, white, green, navy blue, I mean they looked amazing together.  I seriously felt like it was springtime while watching the collection go down the runway.  What really made it a fall show though, was the fabrics and the garments themselves of course.  There was definitely much heavier fabric used in the lighter colours, like my favourite dress from the show.  But the show was still somehow light and airy at the same time.  I definitely fell in love with it.

Runway at the Vionnet Fall 2014 show

Runway at the Vionnet Fall 2014 show


My aforementioned favourite dress

I absolutely adored this dress the second I laid eyes on it.  Maybe it’s the way those colours just compliment each other perfectly, or maybe it’s the subtle floral motif that was apparent during the entire collection, or perhaps it was the use of such thick fabric that gave it the stiff look and movement, but also a sort of warmth that makes you realize it is a fall dress.  Whatever it is, I absolutely love it and it was by far my favourite look from the entire collection, over all the other gowns and breezy dresses, even those gorgeous pinstripe looks.

Anyway, I found the collection was very structured and all in all, absolutely stunning.  I truly enjoyed it and I hope everyone else did as well!  I would love to hear your opinions on Paris Fashion Week so far!



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