Paris Fashion Week 2014 Review: Alexis Mabille

My first review of Paris Fashion Week, eek!  Yes I am excited!  We’ve finally made it to my favourite city!  Anyway, I’m gonna say that Alexis Mabille was my favourite show today.  It was the perfect mix between comfort and elegance, you know, for those women who are always going going going, or in his words, a woman who is “always on the move”.  Personally, I loved the use of the plaid print, especially the way he used it with flouncy skirts, floor length skirts, and even little dresses.  I also noticed that a lot of the looks had a cinched waist with a bow or a belt of sort, which I absolutely loved.  It really made it look casual yet elegant.

I coud hardly choose my favourite looks from the show but I finally managed to narrow down the list.  I haven’t included any of the plaid looks just because I loved them all so much, so I can content myself with just pointing out how wonderfully the designer used the print.

alexis-mabille-003I absolutely love the tailored fit of this coat.  I’ll admit, this was the look I was going for when I made my own coat for my portfolio.  It sure was difficult and I never did get it right.  I still have to work on that… But anyway, back to the point, I love how sophisticated and classy this coat is.  Plus it isn’t your usual cookie cutter silhouette, because of the asymmetric hemline as well as the odd number of buttons.  I think it really makes it unique and different, and I sure like things that stand out in a nice way.

alexis-mabille-017I honestly just love how cute this dress is.  My favourite part is the bow at the waist and the sheer short sleeves.  I’ve seen a lot of sheer long sleeves, so this is cute and refreshing.  I also love how flowing the fabric is.  The whole thing is just rippling even if it is short.  I can definitely see how this could work as a daytime dress in a more casual way, that becomes an evening look with the right accessories at the end of the day.

Seriously hoping everyone else is adoring Paris Fashion Week as much as I am!  Seriously, it’s Paris, darlings, how can you not love it??  Please check out the rest of the collection and I would love to hear your opinions on the show as well!



PS Again, all my photos come from newspapers, and magazines, mostly WWD and Time.  If they ever come from elsewhere, I will say so.


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