Au Revoir Milan, Bonjour Paris!

Yes, Milan Fashion Week is done and over with and Paris Fashion Week, the one I’ve been waiting for, started today!  As always, I want to comment on some of my favourite and not so favourite shows from the coming week of fashion galore.  I’m extremely excited about this because Paris is my favourite fashion week of them all!  Anyway, I encourage all of you fashionistas out there to watch the shows and write down your own opinions about them!  I find it’s such a great way to keep track of what’s going on, and to watch for possible trends in the upcoming seasons!

And in honour of Paris Fashion Week, I give you one of my favourite shots of the Eifffel Tower that I took when I was there during Fashion Week a couple years ago.


Photo I took a couple years ago

Seriously guys, I love Paris.  Maybe now you’ll believe me more when I say it.




One thought on “Au Revoir Milan, Bonjour Paris!

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