Milan Fashion Week Review: Roberto Cavalli

Hello ! Is it just me or is Milan Fashion Week picking up a little bit?  Because first Versace blew me away and now Roberto Cavalli has done the same.  That’s two shows in two days that I’ve really enjoyed.  I hope the rest of the shows are just as wonderful. Crossing my fingers!

Anyway, I loved how impeccably crafted the clothes were.  I mean just look at the tailoring!  Not to mention the fur that was present in almost every look.  It made everything seem so rich and warm!  Even the little sleeveless dresses seemed warm with the fur around the neck and shoulders.  But the fur wasn’t the only textile that I loved; the gowns included detailed beading and gorgeous prints, including flames and Cavalli’s signature print and beading was seen on many of the suits.  All in all, the collection was lavishly beautiful.cav_fw14_004_2831187a

I love each piece in this look separately as much as I love them paired together.  I like how the top is printed as well as the coat, and it still looks amazing together, probably because the prints are similar and the colour scheme is the same.  But I’ll just say I love the slim grey trousers, because they’re obviously very classic and feminine and really lengthen the leg.  Seriously, those legs look they go on forever!  But then again, she probably actually does have legs that go on for miles..  But anyway, l adore the length of the coat as well as how awesome it looks just casually open like that.  She looks like she’s about to go strolling through the city to work.  If I’m being honest, I fell in love with most of the coats in the collection.cav_fw14_034_2831200aHow awesome is this look?  I love it, the leather jacket with the fur neckline, the slimming pants, everything!  The trousers, loose top and the statement necklace make it look very sophisticated and professional, but paired with the jacket and that gorgeous fringed bag, it seems way more fierce than it was without.  I’m thinking I need that jacket to toughen up my wardrobe a little bit!

Hope everyone else enjoyed Roberto Cavalli’s show as much as I.  Also, I would love to congratulate the veteran designer for being 73 and still as talented and amazing as ever!  He might have needed to take his bow with aid of a crutch, but he doesn’t need anyone when it comes to creating such amazing clothes.





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