Milan Fashion Week 2014 Review: Versace

I know I’ve said before that I love Versace.  I love their RTW collections just as much as their haute couture collections.  This season was no different.  I loved the sleek, military style of the looks and my favourite was the creative placements and uses for the buttons on each look that came down the runway.


I just love how billowy this gown is!  Just look at it!  It practically floats down the runway.  Plus, those panels and very noticeable seam lines really make it seem structured, which fits in well with the rest of the collection.  But it also reminds me of those Ancient Greek dresses, just by the way it wraps tightly around her torso and is so loose and flowing at the bottom.  And that slit is just so daring, I can’t take my eyes of this gown.Untitled 2I love love love the sleek, professional look of this dress.  It just makes the model seem so powerful as she struts it down the runway.  The cinched waist and the cutouts with the buttons near her shoulders are small elements that make the dress stand out, but at the same time it has a powerful simplicity to it.  I feel like with an awesome pair of heels and that gorgeous bag (I’m actually obsessing over that bag right now) I would be ready to take on the world!

I guess that’s just how Versace makes you feel: powerful and feminine.  I definitely loved that show today, one of the few these past few days that I’ve truly enjoyed watching!  Hope everyone else enjoyed the Versace collection as much as I did!





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