London Fashion Week 2014 Review: Erdem

Erdem unveiled his latest collection today, and while the trend’s have been of a more understated and simple elegance, there was nothing of that in Erdem’s collection.  It was filled to the brim luxury and I have to say I love it!  It was absolutely stunning, all those rich luxurious fabrics, rhinestones, feathers, gah I couldn’t get enough!  I also loved that it wasn’t whimsical and playful, as floral fabrics often become.  This collection was somehow serious while still using the fun fabrics and elements.


I absolutely adore this luscious dress.  I mean who wouldn’t?  Look at all that awesome detailing and jewel work, it’s so textured.  It looks insanely heavy though, so it’s good thing that it’s a short dress.  I like the long sleeves with the off-the-shoulder look.  I also like all the different lines that the jewels make, which gives it a lot of dimension

Erdem-Fall-2014Okay, this was what I meant about the fun floral prints not being too playful and light.  This floral printed dress has a lot of movement and an architectural look to it, by the sleeve and the back of the dress.  Everything is very stern and almost metallic, but Moralioglu is obviously a genius if he can make floral prints look stern and metallic.

Erdem is one of my favourite designers and he never disappoints me.  This collection is no exception.




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