London 2014 Fashion Week Recap

Since I had to say an early adieu to New York Fashion Week a few days ago (Loved the Marc Jacobs show by the way!  I mean the whole collection was sleek and comfortable!) and miss most of London Fashion Week I will recap a couple of my favourite shows from the past few days.

First off, Todd Lynn: Everything about this collection was contrasting.  There were dark colours and vibrant colours, shiny fabrics and matte fabrics, form fitting silhouettes with voluminous pieces.  The collection was very sleek rock n roll, almost out of this world in a way.  All in all, it was absolutely fierce, and some of those pieces were definitely Beyoncé style, in my opinion (Some of the more corseted, curve-hugging pieces).

Second, Vivienne Westwood Red Label: Love, love, LOVE, the jackets.  They’re so expertly tailored that I couldn’t keep my eyes off them!  It had a circus-y, gypsy like appeal, especially in the colours (more specifically, the colour red) but in a very wearable way.  I absolutely love how clean cut and stylish, yet whimsical the whole collection was.  It was a little more on the risque side, since the jackets were paired with little skirts and shorts, yet it somehow worked together.  I definitely enjoyed the show.

Finally, that brings us to today!  Don’t worry, I’ll start off today’s shows separately!

Hope y’all are enjoying London Fashion Week and enjoyed that last day of New York Fashion Week!




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