New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Vera Wang

Obviously fur and bold prints are going to be huge trends this coming winter, as once again demonstrated by the talented Vera Wang.  The seasoned designer not only used the aforementioned textiles, but also made use of dark colours in classic prints like plaid and argyle for her winter line.  I definitely hope that the plaid becomes a trend because it’s one of my favourite prints!  I managed to select a few of my favourite looks from the collection to show you all:


I think what I love most about this dress is not only that shimmering gold fabric, but the way it’s manipulated and cut to make the billowy silhouette.  I also love the contrast between the looseness of the skirt and bodice and the very tight gathered sleeves.  Not to mention that detailing around the neck and down the front adds to the splendour of the dress.

I think the reason I love this gown so much is not because of the colour or fabric or detailing elements, but more the cut and silhouette as well as the whole look of the gown.  I love that it’s paired with such an oversized coat because it really makes the slim silhouette of the gown stand out.  It’s not so much that it’s pretty or glamorous, but it just looks put together and I love the contrast of the two elements.  It’s different, which is something I always like to see on a runway.
vera-wangThis print is amazing.  Yes, I know I said that plaid is one of my favourite prints so obviously I couldn’t review the Vera Wang collection if I didn’t include at least one printed piece in my top favourite looks.  This little number is so adorable and the perfect dress for the upcoming winter.  I know, I know, I really am crazy if I’m already planning my  wardrobe for next winter when I cannot stop complaining how long this winter is!  But really, this dress, a pair of chunky black boots, a big black knit scarf and some shades, and bam! I am ready to go!  Did I also mention, how I really like the way the fabric is cut so the print is in all these different directions to give it a completely unique look than just a plain plaid dress?

I love so many pieces in the Vera Wang collection.  She is one of my favourite designers and she never disappoints me! Hope the rest of you agree with my opinions and if not, I’d love to hear yours!





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