New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Rodarte

Okay so I was blown away by the Rodarte collection, and maybe not so much that I absolutely loved it, but more that it was so wild and crazy that I couldn’t stop watching!  I know Rodarte is known for the wild and playful designs so obviously I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this season’s collection was no different.  It ranged from sparkly coats  in bright colours (Obviously jewel tones are going to be a huge trend this coming season) to reserved looking pieces to Star Wars themed dresses.  Yes Star Wars, and I don’t just mean they were inspired by Star Wars, I mean they were Star Wars gowns, complete with the faces of C-3PO, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and more!  I just love it!  Maybe that’s the nerd in me coming out, because I don’t even like Star Wars all that much, but I just adore the idea and the way that the designers pulled it off.

Rodarte - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Star Wars themed gowns by Rodarte

rodarteThis was one of the looks that I really liked because it’s so tame compared to some of the other looks in the show.  The piece I like the most is that checked coat.  I like that warm brown tones and the fur collar.  It looks so warm and cozy like I would be ready for the coldest winter day when I wear it.

I was certainly impressed by Rodarte and I would love to hear some more opinions of the collection!




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