New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Oscar de la Renta

I literally cannot rave enough about how magnificent Oscar de la Renta is.  He is probably one of my all time favourite designers, like right up there with Chanel.  I mean he never fails to deliver the most spectacular pieces.  I honestly cannot pick favourites this time, and I know I’ve said that before but we would literally be here all day if I tried to pick my favourite looks to talk about.  I tried to do it earlier but I finally decided that it was just impossible.  So instead, I will review the entire show and then you can all view the entire collection in all its glory here.

So to begin, obviously Oscar de la Renta is known for grandeur and opulence.  You can always expect tulle, lace, rich fabric, beading, and more.  This show was definitely no exception, however there was some new twists.  The designer used a pinstripe fabric and delved a little further into a more masculine look.  The first few looks were all pinstripe and very structured that was definitely more menswear, however, as we all know, OdlR can make just about anything look feminine.  And he did not fail today!  The femininity still showed through, for example, the peplum top with the black floral appliques or the form flattering pinstripe dress suit with the blue turtleneck.  And of course as we continue further on in the collection we get to the daywear dresses which were as classy and feminine as ever.  For example, that white fur coat with the black front and the blue, black and white printed dress underneath was just stunning.  Or the rich red Mohair coat look.

And of course as we progress into the gowns and evening wear, my love for OdlR just continues to grow!  The stunning, glamorous, exquisite gowns were to die for.  This is wear I literally could not pick favourites.  For example, how could I possible choose between the two flapper inspired gowns that just seemed to rustle and chime as they moved, and that satin baby blue gown with the off the shoulder sleeves, and the soft pink skirted gown with the black bust?  And I can’t even stop there!  It just keeps getting better and better with every look that continued to come out onto the runway.  The gowns ranged from flowing and smooth, with classic, feminine silhouettes, to large architectural, heavier gowns.  However, everything was expertly crafted and classy, and of course simply beautiful.

I will show you the finale gown, because I just have to talk about how stunning it is.

Finale Gown

Finale Gown

Just look at the textured fabric, and the tiered ruffles just make me want to run my fingers over the fabric myself!  I looked so smooth and flowing, and those polka dots look like they were all hand painted with precision.  Everything about it is so light and airy, yet perfect for a winter look at the same time.  Anyway, I just love it, maybe more than the rest.  (Either way, I want it in my closet pronto! Please, please, pretty, pretty please?)

Please check out the rest of the collection and I honestly don’t care if you love it or hate it because I think it’s just fabulous and as long as you check it out and give it a chance, I’m happy.  Although, I would be a little shocked if you hated it!

Didn’t I say today was a big big day with lots of designers to cover?  Yes I did and I was right.  There were so many fabulous shows today (Although I was a tad disappointed by Tory Burch..I found it a bit dull) and I covered all the ones I wanted to.  But tomorrow is another day of yet even more shows as New York Fashion Week 2014 continues!




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