New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Badgley Mischka

The designers of Badgley Mischka sent a collection of sparkly gold gowns, brocades, warm fur pieces and cozy tweeds.  The pieces ranged from everyday wear to dazzling red carpet worthy gowns.  The line was so majestic with its heavy fabric and beautiful beading.  I got a feeling of warmth and coziness from many of the pieces due to its heavy fabric and fur accents.  However, there were some lighter fabrics that just rippled down the runway in such a sophisticated way.  It was hard to choose favourite but I somehow managed to do it.


I love the sophisticated warmth of this look.  The fur hat and neckline paired with that heavy golden fabric makes it look so perfect for a winter stroll.  I also really like how much material is in the skirt because it’s just so full of movement and it looks so rich.  I also absolutely adore how warm the colours are, that dark gold and rich brown.Untitledd

My favourite thing about this dress is how light and fluttery the fabric is.  The whole gown seems to just ripple and flow down the runway.  Everything else about it is stunning too, the print, the sexy silhouette, the waist cinching belt…  Anyway, I just really like it, because it’s a new take on a classic gown.UntitleddddI’ll be honest, I just love this gown because it’s beautiful.  That amazing detailed embroidery and form fitting silhouette is just stunning.   The detailing is so rich and makes it so luxurious.  I can’t really say much else because the gown itself says it all.

What are your opinions on the Badgley Mischka collection?  Hopefully others can find the words to describe how amazing it was better than I can!





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