New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Zac Posen

Um how amazing is Zac Posen? If your answer is anything other than VERY, you must be crazy.  I was absolutely blown away by his latest collection.  The drama, the glamour, the shapes, everything was absolutely stunning!  He said that he limited his choice of fabrics and his colour palette but obviously he did not limit the creative flow when it came to the drama and the glamour.  These gowns are the kind that are truly glamorous because they are so stunning with just the manipulation of the fabric itself that they don’t even need embellishments or beading or anything like that.  They are stunning because they are unadorned.  It’s so classy and I can’t help but think of the old Hollywood style and allure.  The show, from the daywear to the evening wear, was all about elegance.  I could hardly pick favourites but these gowns really stood out for me in particular.


This tangerine ballgown is stunning in the way it moves.  It doesn’t need anything but the fabric itself because of the expert way in which it is manipulated, for example those pleats?  That’s all this gown really needs!  I also love the interesting way in which the waist line tapers far down the front, instead of a traditional basque waist.  It certainly makes it even more unique.  Not to mention, how could I not love something as glamorous and luxurious as this?


The colour of this gown is amazing.  I’m thinking I now need a sea-foam green gown in my closet ASAP.  And I know just who I want it from.  Zac Posen of course!  Just look at this architectural ballgown.  Those enormous pleats, the huge skirt and the shape of the bust: the shape of this gown gives it so much depth intricacy that I could stare at it for hours.  Also, I can’t help but think of Versailles when I look at it.  A simpler Versailles of course, but Versailles nonetheless.d01f1d21ea2378054b0f6a706700b5b0_t730

The drama of this gown is insane!  The architectural bust line, hemline, the full skirt, everything just screams drama and flair and glamour.  The black colour and high-low hemline gives it a mystery and depth that another colour wouldn’t have been able to do.  The message and feeling would have completely changed.  Not to mention, that subtle texture to the fabric really gives the gown that extra oomph that makes it stand out.

With expert craftsmanship like Zac Posen’s, who needs anything more than the simple elegance of the gown itself.  I would love to hear your comments and opinions on the collection.  I definitely hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Now tomorrow is a big big day mes chéries, lots of designers I want to cover!





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