New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Carolina Herrera

Fur is obviously a new trend this coming fall and the textile was not missed in the Carolina Herrera collection.  It was not only used as an accent but as sweaters and jackets as well.  I definitely enjoyed this show because of the mix of fun and elegance in this collection.  I found that the bold prints and colours really set the mood.  The daywear was bright and flirty with vivacious prints for the elegant woman, while the evening wear was more luxurious and glamorous with rich colours.  Three of my favourite looks from the collection were:


I love this look mainly because of the rich fabric.  It just looks so luxurious and elegant.  It gives off an impression of power and purpose, in my opinion.  I also think the subtle print of the fabric is really nice and is part of what adds to that impression of luxury and elegance.  I also really like the large sleeves and the silhouette of the dress.  It’s perfect for a winter time daywear dress.   carolina-herrera-fall-winter-2014-photos26


I adore this fun print.  It’s so full of life and movement and it’s not too in your face if you know what I mean.  It’s bold but subtle at the same time.  Maybe that’s crazy but I can’t really think of a better way to say it.  I guess it’s more of a bold and elegant and feminine all at the same time.  Beautiful really, is the only word.  I also really love the embellishments down the front.  I think it adds more of that femininity and boldness to the dress.  I think it’s just perfect for a powerful woman to be seen wearing.
carolina-herrera-fall-winter-2014-photos40This show stopping red gown is absolutely stunning.  I mean I just need it in my closet now!  Those embellishments at the waist and on the shoulder straps paired with the off the shoulder sleeves is just gorgeous.  Not a lot of detailing is necessary because what little there is says it all.  It’s refined yet sexy in a classy way, in my opinion.  I think that the silhouette is extremely flattering to the female figure as well.

All in all I really enjoyed the collection and I found it was expertly crafted by the New York Fashion Week veteran.  I would love to hear some other opinions on the line !






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