New York Fashion Week Review: Monique Lhuillier

Hello dearies!  Sorry for the radio silence yesterday but my internet was down and I only got it back up and running this morning!  So I apologize and I will have to work double time today to cover yesterday’s shows as well as today’s.  So first up is the talented Monique Lhuillier.  The show was dramatic and dark with lots of black taffeta and grey skull prints but with pops of colour in the form of a very hot pink.  Everything was very mysterious with quite a bit of variety.  There were many different lengths and silhouettes to create an interesting twist.  I definitely enjoyed the show since I could still see Monique’s playful girly trademark even through all the dark colours.

NY Fashion Monique Lhuillier

This was one of my favourite gowns because of the intricate detailing.  The black lace gives it depth and mystery.  It is very architectural and structured while also being feminine and refined.  It definitely reminds me of Paris and the Eiffel Tower as I look at it.  And as we all know Paris truly is my one true love and anything that reminds me of it makes me happy.
NY Fashion Monique LhuillierI also loved the dramatic effect of this black dress.  The fitted waist and bodice but the full sleeves and skirt give it movement and mystery.  It definitely has drama and the fabric is very textured and intricate.  The detailing is absolutely amazing and we can’t help but notice the expert craftsmanship of the silhouette and the manipulation of the fabric.

Hope you all enjoyed Monique Lhuillier’s dark show as much as I did and if so I would love to hear your comments and opinions as well!





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