New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Diane von Furstenberg

DVF marked it’s 40th anniversary of the iconic wrap dress this year and this season’s show certainly celebrated this tremendous event.  The runway show ended with a shower of gold confetti with the models all dressed in shiny gold fabric and dancing to the live performance of St Vincent.  As for the collection itself, it was inspired by the Ballets Russe which was perfect since the wrap dress was originally inspired by the little sweaters worn by ballerinas.


The shiny golden finale dresses.


I particularly enjoyed this piece because of the two different prints that Diane managed to pair together flawlessly.  Even though they’re different, they go blend well together and make a very interesting look.  I feel like similar but different prints paired together are going to become a huge trend this coming year.  In fact it already seems to have started with the spring looks that are coming out.
628x471-2I really liked this sweater dress because of the funky print and because it looks cozy yet classy, especially paired with that handbag.  I feel like this is just the thing to wear on those crisp autumn days when a woman is on the go but has a need to be comfortable yet stylish.  After all, that’s what powerful women need in fashion: to be comfy and stylish.  They would hardly be able to be on the go if they couldn’t move in their clothes.  And Diane von Furstenberg really understands that and brings a very empowering wardrobe to successful women.

What are your thoughts and opinions on DVF’s runway show?  I certainly enjoyed it and I would love to congratulate Diane on her amazing achievement of the 40th anniversary of the wrap dress.




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