New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Christian Siriano

I love Christian Siriano’s bubbly and outgoing personality.  He is a mixture of so many different things and this definitely showed in his Autumn 2014 collection.  The modern take of fifties silhouettes was definitely apparent and there was a huge mixture of different fabrics and textures which made it very modern.  Everything was wearable and flattering to the female silhouette.  Obviously the trend for the upcoming fall is going to be mixing textures and luxe fabrics.

My favourite looks from the show include:


I love this look because of the way the two very different fabrics are mixed to create a very textured look.  They blend so flawlessly together to create this very modern look.  Also, that hemline and the use of many panels in the dress create a very unique silhouette and add quite a bit of depth and movement to the garment.christian-siriano-nyfw-2014-6Also I truly loved this gown because of the fabric used.  It’s definitely a very modern take on that Fifties silhouette but it’s very subtle.  What I really love about this gown is the fabric because it’s so different from what we’ve been seeing so far.  It looks rich and full of mystery because it’s constantly changing as it moves.

What are some of your opinions on the Christian Siriano line?  I certainly enjoyed it!





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