New York Fashion Week Review: Zimmermann

Australian designer Nicky Zimmermann presented a wonderful collection clearly inspired by gypsies and the circus.  Everything had a vintage feel.  They also had a soft but hard edge to them.  Even the laciest most feminine dresses had dark colours and stormy prints.  While most of the pieces bared skin, I still felt warm and cozy while watching the show, like I was mentally preparing myself for the coming winter.  Even if this one isn’t even close to finished yet…


I love the stormy print on this dress.  The asymmetrical hemline and bold printed fabric add contrast and dimension to the dress as well as depth and movement.  It looks very hard as if it were made of chrome motorcycle pieces, yet still elegant because of the off-the-shoulder neckline and form fitting silhouette.Untitled 2I can’t help but feel warm and cozy when I think about wearing this oversized sweater tunic.  Pair this with some boots and tights and it would be the perfect autumn/winter look for next year.  I certainly can’t wait because this looks like the comfiest tunic.  As I said it’s very feminine and the pattern is almost vintage like, yet the accessories add a harder edge to the whole look.

Hope you all enjoy Zimmermann as much as I did and I would love to hear your comments !





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