New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Jason Wu

Apparently Jason Wu is counting on a warm winter this year, based on his collection.  The collection was comprised of thin fabrics with several large coats and a very dark colour palette.  The pieces had a very old school feminine glamour feel to them and they were very simple.  Wu let the fabric speak for itself with minimalist approach.  The pieces were simple yet expertly crafted, with simple embellishments and details.


With very fine and precise beading, this dress reflects a feminine simplicity.  The fabric and barely noticeable beading blends flawlessly to create a simplistic beauty.  It is classy and speaks through the precisely cut fabric.jason-wu-30This dress fits in with the other simple yet elegant and reserved pieces.  The beading on the top adds a bit of understated glamour to the look while the plunging neckline really jazzes it up.  It becomes bold but beautifully elegant at the same time.

I certainly enjoyed the Jason Wu show and I hope you did as well.





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