New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Desigual

The Barcelona based casual clothing brand stood out among the crowd yesterday.  Their crazy prints and bright colours were a nice shift from the dark colours being showcased for the fall looks.  I personally liked how there was an enormous variety of prints and colours, making for a very interesting show that changed tone quite often.  It kept me interested and I was eager to see more.  Not to mention, those handbags were to. die. for.  (Oh and I apologize profoundly for the blurry pictures, they’re really bad quality I know.)Image

So this was the first look in the collection and it is absolutely by far my favourite.  Without a doubt.  I love that it makes polka dots look like they were made to be paired with such a big bright floral print.  I can definitely say I want this little number in my wardrobe ASAP.  Ouu now I’m feeling creative…definitely going to start thinking of a way to make it myself.





I really like the geometric shapes and the muted grey and black tones.  It looks like something I could wear walking through the park on a drizzly overcast day.  I find the print gives it an edgy look but the colour palette softens it up a bit at the same time.  And that belt just ties the whole look together.


Okay so the pattern probably isn’t all that clear but it’s a very metallic golden and blue colour jacket with a white belt.  A better picture can be viewed here.  Anyway I really liked the structure and the print of the jacket.  I felt it was very cool and collected, perfect for autumn and winter alike.  It’s such a bold print that it will go with so much and create a very put together look.

I know this show was yesterday but I was so exhausted last night that I didn’t have time to finish this review and get it up on my site.  However I promise to try and not let it happen again!  Hope you’re all enjoying fashion week as much as I am.



PS I am, again, getting most of my photos from newspapers and fashion sites.  The photo of the grey coat is from Talking With Tami.



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