New York Fashion Week 2014 Review: Jay Godfrey

The first time New York Fashion Week designer has created a line with a clear seventies edgy rocknroll mood to it.  I was delighted with the collection and I found it very edgy and modern, yet some pieces displayed a more sweet and modern look, which contrasted well with the gritty look to the whole collection.


I really love this little dress because it is so unique with the hanging belt tassels and the ruffles down the front.  Plus how cute would this be for early fall?  Those little black booties and snakeskin print fabric just make it perfect for that time of year when it’s still warm out, but school is starting and the leaves are changing colour.

I like this circle skirt in the same snakeskin print fabric as the above dress.  But what I really like is the way it’s paired with the edgy textured jacket.  I could definitely see myself wearing this jacket and in a weird way it almost reminds me of a more rocknroll Chanel.jay-godfrey07

How glam is this gown?  It makes me think of mobsters and Hollywood and let’s face it, she looks like a really tough but classy woman.  The deep burgundy and the sheer cutouts make it a little more edgy and modern, but the silhouette is very classic in my opinion.  Not to mention, I am loving that hat.  Can it be in my closet please??jay-godfrey09Okay, last but not least this little peplum number.  I could definitely see myself wearing this on date night or to a wedding or something fancy.  I like the tiered skirt with the lacy black bodice.  I find that it’s very soft but hard at the same time.

All in all, I really enjoyed the collection.  As much as I got that tough rocker feel from it I also felt that it reminded me a little bit of a very edgy and gritty Chanel look.  Maybe I’m just crazy but that’s what I think of now that I’ve studied it a little more.

Hope you enjoyed the collection as much as I did and I hope I brought in Paris Fashion Week 2014 with a bang!






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