Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Review: Zuhair Murad

It’s the final day of the big shows (sniff sniff) but they were no less amazing than the first day’s.  Zuhair Murad’s newest spring collection looks like it sprung right out of a lush fantasy garden.  How else could the beautiful blooms, vines that decorated the looks and the springtime colours be explained?  There was no shortage of sparkle, lace and glamour on the runway.  I present to you now my favourite pieces from the collection.Zuhair-Murad-Haute-Couture-Spring-2014-1

I love the classy look of this dress.  Everything from the halter neckline to the peplum waist to the knee length skirt just screams ladylike elegance.  I also love the lace fabric and the gold belt that adorned almost all the looks in the collection.  I mean can I have it please??Zuhair-Murad-Haute-Couture-Spring-2014-2

This look particularly stood out for me because of the top.  I love that bold pattern because it just really stands out in the crowd.  I like the peplum waist and the lone sleeves with a plunging neckline.  It adds a bit of drama to the whole look, no?
Zuhair-Murad-Haute-Couture-Spring-2014Now for my favourite look of the entire collection.  Yes I know, I’ve been mostly attracted to the beautiful gowns all week, but for some reason I could not take my eyes of this one.  The whole look is so powerful and bold, it’s just beautiful.  For the top: I love the plunging neckline, lace fabric and loose sleeves.  It’s so soft which contrasts with the strong pant.  Again, I love that belt and I just can’t say it enough.  I like the high waisted pants with the gold buttons, since it just pulls the whole look together.  Everything about it is strong, professional and classy.

Is anyone else as sad as I am that Haute Couture fashion week is ending?  I’d love to know if anyone else enjoyed the Zuhair Murad show as much as I did!





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