Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Review: Valentino

Valentino’s Haute Couture collection was inspired by the grand opera and it involved intricate designs and details and animal print patterns.  I know that it was inspired by the opera but I also got kind of an African feel from the show.  The suits and the animal printed, tasselled dresses gave off a desert-type feel.  However, I could definitely see the opera inspiration in many of the pieces including two of my favourites from the collection.valentino_couture_spring_2014_photos_10_19e0fj5-19e0fk4

I could definitely see the opera in this stunningly detailed gown.  I love how it’s all happening on the skirt with very little on top, just a bit of jewels.  I think it really draws attention to the expertly crafted skirt, which clearly should be getting all the attention.valentino_couture_spring_2014_photos_51_19e0fj6-19e0fn1

You can see where I was getting that African vibe from, by looking at this dress.  While tassels on a hem would normally make me think of carpets and Scarlett O’Hara, but not this gown.  I think the fringe actually works really well with the print and the shape of the dress.  I also really love the animal print, just saying.
valentino_couture_spring_2014_photos_53_19e0fj6-19e0fn7Finally, my favourite gown.  I love the sheet music print, and let’s face it, this dress is just opera all over.  I love the sheer fabric with the music notes and the very simple bodice and sleeves.  I think it’s very elegant and classically appealing.  I also love the layering of the fabric at the top that makes it seem revealing but classy at the same time.

I hope you all saw the entire Valentino show and if you didn’t it’s all right here.  Please, I would love to hear your opinions on the collection as well!





4 thoughts on “Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Review: Valentino

    • Thanks for the comment! I completely agree with you and I will be in shock if we don’t see his dresses on the red carpet! xxoo
      PS I saw your blog and I love your style

  1. Do you have any idea where Valentino got the sheer music note fabric from? Or do you have any idea where I could order some from? I am a senior in high school and I am attempting to make my own version of the music note dress. I think I might have found some sheer fabric online, I just didn’t know if you would have any advice on where or how to find it. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately designers like Valentino have their fabric specially made for their collections so the exact fabric won’t be available online, however similar prints can be found. But if you found something similar online that should work! Just remember to be creative with what you have, because that’s the key. But just remember even if it isn’t an exact replica, it makes it more unique to you! So sorry I can’t be more help..I don’t buy my fabric online since there are so many fabric stores around here.

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