Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Review: Giambattista Valli

I was thoroughly captivated by Giambattista Valli’s show yesterday.  I personally found that it was beautifully crafted.  Each garment was generously covered in jewels, or expertly sculpted with flounces and peplum, satin and much, much more.  Again I found it extremely difficult to pick only a few favourites, since I enjoyed the entire collection so much.  However, after much deliberation I have managed to narrow it down to three pieces that I feel like explaining why I like them so much.g-valli-007I enjoyed this dress so much because of the amazing craftsmanship of the jewels.  I mean, seriously, what girl doesn’t like a little fancy bling every now and then?  I also really love the high-low hemline going on and the contrasting colours of the jewels with the fabric.


I love pink.  I know, I know, that should not be the only reason why I enjoy this dress so much, and it’s not, but I just thought I should mention how much I love this colour before I go into the rest.  I really like the architectural shape of the skirt and the subtle high-low hemline.  I think it creates a lot of dimension within the garment and the jewels really add some flair and femininity to the dress.  I would definitely wear this, but then again I would probably wear most of Valli’s collection.
g-valli-031Can I just point out how amazingly sculpted this gown is?  Just look at the way it’s made.  I like the way it could possible be a very interesting take on peplum, since it was definitely incorporated into the show, or if it’s something entirely new altogether.  Either way, I truly enjoy this gown.  It’s architectural and well made.

Hope you all enjoy my opinion on the Giambattista Valli collection.




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