Christmas Skirt DIY

Season’s Greetings! In honour of the holiday cheer and Christmas spirit I decided to make a lovely Christmas Skirt to wear today.  I had that familiar itch that just makes me want to sew and create.  I started rooting around in our fabric bin and I came across this leftover Christmas patterned fabric.


The Christmas Fabric

I proceeded to cut one piece that was the width of my waist plus several inches for gathering and seam allowances. I then sewed a tube along the top to fit my elastic through, which I measure to fit snugly at my hips.  After feeding the elastic through my tube I sewed it in place and sewed the tube closed.  I then sewed the the skirt together and made the seam down the side.  I decided to try a blind hem stitch.  If you have never used it, I highly recommend it, because it’s easy and looks amazing!  It does take some practice though so I would suggest trying it out on some scraps before attempting it on the hem.


The finished skirt

As you can see it looks great, and no stitches visible!


My Christmas outfit!

I wore it with a gold silk top tucked in and a black cardigan and a black belt to my family’s Christmas Eve dinner last night and I must admit I got many compliments.

However I made some miscalculations and my skirt ended up being a little too big around my hips therefore I needed to wear a belt with it.  But the only belt I had fit around my waist so I ended up having to pull the skirt up higher than where it was meant to be.  Fortunately I can easily take it in and fix the mistake!

Merry Christmas darlings!




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