Upcycle Jeans to Skirt

Afternoon all!  I just finished this little project, which I found on Pinterest.  I really liked the idea and thought I would try it out for myself.  I followed this tutorial.  It was certainly easy enough to do, but a little time consuming.  First, I took an old pair of jeans and cut them to the length I wanted plus a couple extra inches for hemming.  I had to rip out the crotch, and side seams, which definitely took awhile.  They sew those jeans to last!  After I had finally finished that, I followed the tutorial and folded the edged and sewed in an extra patch on the back to make a skirt.  That part was difficult because I kept making it too big and it didn’t look right at all.  My suggestion is baste the seams first, try it on, and adjust as necessary.  When I finally got it right, I sewed it together then hemmed the skirt.  (This is also a great tutorial for making a jean mini skirt, just leave out the straps.)  The next part was what took so long, braiding the straps.  I had to keep adding more pieces in because I didn’t have three strips long enough for the whole thing.  I suggest sewing the separate strips together at the ends, it makes it so much easier to braid together.  I sewed the two braids to the front of my skirt first in order to measure where to start braiding them into one and how long I needed it to be.  Then I sewed it in the back and added a bow.  I ended up just tying the bow onto the suspenders with a strip of denim instead of attempting to sew it there.  It was just too thick to fit into my machine or do it by hand.  Here’s the final product!


The only thing I think I would change is the placement of the suspenders in the front.  I find they’re too close together, which I can easily fix.

I hope you enjoyed this!




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