Simple Skirt DIY: Part II

Hello!  I was recently shopping for some material for a coat and this gorgeous print caught my eye.


Since it was on sale I figured I might as well just buy it, and I thought it would make a pretty cute skirt.  I only bought a meter but that was all I needed, and I also bought a thick brown elastic band to match.  I remembered how much I love Simple Skirt and so I decided to make another one.  As I said, I had already decided to make a skirt out of my new material, so why not keep things simple and make another version of my favourite skirt.  It turned out very nicely and it looks great for pretty much any season.  Paired with a tshirt, it looks great in the spring or summer, and with a cozy sweater, tights and a scard it’s nice and cozy in the winter!  It’s so versatile and it can be made in an evening.  Since it’s winter now, I paired it with a sweater, nylons and infinity scarf.


Hope you enjoyed my newest Simple Skirt!  I’ll be back soon!




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